Saturday, February 6, 2010

Unusual Strandings of Dolphins Along Florida Coast

Ten dolphins and one beaked whale have stranded on Florida beaches near the Kennedy Space Center over the last nine days.

Megan Stolen, a scientist with the Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute in Melbourne Beach, described the numbers of stranded dolphins as "unusually large."

No far there is no explanation for the event.

It is illegal to try to return the dolphins to the water. Institute Director of Florida Development J.B. Kump said the best course is to try to keep the dolphins wet, and notify experts. Beach-goers who find stranded dolphins are asked to report any stranded animals to toll-free phone number 888-404-3922.


Dive Vava'u said...

Very sad news, do you know what species of Dolphin it was?


Jayesh Badani said...

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