Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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Going over reports from lawsuit against Dupont filed in Mississippi by a man – a heavy seafood eater - who contracted Multiple Myeloma a form of blood cancer, from eating shell fish from a bay contaminated by Dupont. Jury initially awarded him $15 million.

Writing Chapter 8 of my book. Manuscript due May 15.

Just found group from Louisiana that has brought the issue of chemical contamination to Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. They allege that the United States is not protecting their right to live in a healthy environment. The commission has agreed to hear their petition. This is the first environmental human rights complaint from United States citizens to be heard by the Organization of American States. It could be another tool to fight the contamination of our planet by toxic chemicals.

Seeking contacts in Greenland to help investigation of abnormal ratios of male to female babies in in Inuit villages due to contamination by estrogen mimicking chemicals in fish and marine mammals eaten there.

Email from Chris Palmer showing cover and other elements of his new book Shooting in the Wild. Excellent book due in stores May 15. Several stories about my filming adventures.

Looking at possible implications for dolphins from the oil rig disaster. Oil has now covered an eighteen hundred square mile area. Sperm whales were seen in the vicinity of the slick.