Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Horrifying new Footage of Dolphin Hunt at Taiji

by Hardy Jones

Dieter Hagmann, a very brave German videographer has sent us footage showing what we believe proves the slaughter of bottlenose dolphins continues at Taiji, Japan. For a while it had been hoped that media exposure of the ghastly hunt had stopped or slowed the hunting of dolphins for meat. Then it was hoped that at least bottlenose dolphins would be spared. But it is now clear it is business as usual at Taiji.

We at BlueVoice are resolved that in 2010 we will deliver a blockbuster against the hunting of dolphins in Japan. I can't discuss the exact nature of this move but there are some very compelling reasons why humans should not eat dolphin meat. We will make these known backed up by hard scientific data.

The accompanying video is highly graphic. I publish it so the world will know what is going on in Japan.

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vicki said...

My 8 yr old and I recently watch The Cove and was horrified in the way these beautiful creatures are being treated! we dont have alot of money is there any way we can help the cause?