Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Whale Watch Boats Help Stop Humpback Hunt

Photo (c) Lawrence Curtis

We were shocked at the recent meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC)to learn that Greenland is seeking a quota to hunt fifty humpback whales. The IWC didn't vote on the matter but put the decision off until Dec. 8 when a special meeting will be held.

BlueVoice http://www.bluevoice.org has organized whale watch captains to distribute flyers which allow whale lovers to protest the bloody business of killing humpbacks. Humpbacks are highly endangered and very slow and easy to kill. They face challenges from a changing global climate which redistributes their food sources.

The whale watch operations that are distributing our flyers are:
Granite State Whale Watch - gsww@myfairpoint.net www.granitestatewhalewatch.com
Monterey Bay Whale Watch - mbwhale@aol.com gowhales.com
Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch - orders@whalewatch.com www.whalewatch.com
Cape May Whale Watch Research Center - www.capemaywhalewatcher.com
Bar Harbor Whale Watching Company - www.barharborwhales.com

We thank all who are contributing to this effort to save the singing whales.

Hardy Jones

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