Monday, August 10, 2009

U. S. Military Says Climate Change A Threat

An ultraradical left wing group is saying that global climate change poses a security threat to the United States. Oh WAIT! That's actually the National Intelligence Council and the Pentagon saying it. They're concerned that whole regions may become destablized by extreme weather, including drought, violent storms and mass migrations of people - even pandemics. That's not to mention food and water shortages, and catastrophic flooding. The military and intelligence experts who produced this information will testify next month when the Senate addresses new climate and energy legislation already passed by the house.

There are still some nitwits who argue that global climate change has nothing to do with combustion of fossil fuels. They have their paid experts who try to obfuscate the climate debate the way "scientists" paid for by the tobacco companies cast doubt on the dangers of smoking. They claim that the current rise in temperatures is a natural and cyclical event. And they are partially right. But also dead wrong.

The fact is the earth tracks around the sun in an elliptical rather than circular orbit. Earth is now moving closer to the sun and thus will experience warming. Another factor is that the earth wobbles a bit on its axis, not something we'd notice at the individual level, but important in that it tilts the Arctic closer to the sun.

So now is the worst time to add the creation of greenhouse gases to an already warming planet. Do we want to create a perfect storm of climate change?

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