Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why Taiji, Japan Fishermen Kill Dolphins

By Hardy Jones

Taiji, Japan, Nov 8, 2007

We all search for reasons why the fishermen at Taiji continue to hunt dolphins despite massive international protest and revulsion, and despite the fact that the name of Japan is besmirched by allowing such atrocities.

There are several reasons. One is that the dolphin fishermen make good money doing this, especially from selling the live dolphins they capture. The second is that the Japan Fisheries Agency never retreats, never surrenders any resource. This is the same agency that has said they will allow the Japanese Antarctic Whaling Fleet to hunt Humpback Whales this December. They thumb their nose at the world (actually it’s the middle finger they use).

The third is that those who carry out or give permission for these heinous slaughters simply lack empathy for dolphins. They do not project themselves into the skin and minds of the animals they grab from the sea, confine in nets and then slaughter in front of their families without the slightest care for their pain. Perhaps it is a simple lack of imagination.

Or perhaps their financial self-interest simply governs where they will allow themselves to experience empathy.

If they would suddenly realize that dolphins are sentient, loving, socially close, highly intelligent animals, who probably experience the world pretty much as they do, they would have to quit their dolphin killing business. They would lose money and they would have to admit to themselves the unspeakable pain they have caused. They would have to admit that they are mass murderers.


Sandpiper said...

You have an excellent and thoughtful blog. Some of the things that go on this world are outrageous. It's an ugly side of of man. Good work that you do!

Your posting on October 12, 2007 (Al Gore), hit a note, too. I think I'll buy some future oceanfront property in Montana!

NORM said...

The Japanese commited horrific atrocities against human during World War Two. I recently saw a Japanese video of their soldiers using Korean civilians for bayonet practice during the war. The tales of their curelty are endless. Perhaps it is in their nature.

Seiji said...


Strange. I thought the tales of American curelty are endless: Indians, Slavery, Hiroshima + Nagasaki, Korea, Vietnam, 1st + 2nd Gulf war, Iraq, and so on... In fact, the atrocities commited by Americans surpass the ones of Japan smoothly.

Comments like your one clearly show that you as well as the most guys from the US are not into preventing the annual dolphin slaughter but into anti-Japanese sentiment. (No, I'm not surprised.)

Start eating as little meat as we Japanese do before complaining, McSupersized.

Btw: @ Hardy Jones: I saw you in 'The Cove' sitting in a luxury manor with parquet and big windows. If you are that rich, why are you requesting donations from your visitors to this site?